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University of Medical Sciences of Havana

The University of Medical Sciences of Havana
Address: Calle 146 No. 2504 Playa municipality. Havana. Cuba.
Tel: 837 5064

The University of Medical Sciences of Havana, is a higher education institution with 12 faculties multicampus-9 of Medical Sciences, 1 of Stomatology, 1 of 1 Nursing and Health Technology is the primary function-academic training and comprehensive Students of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing Degree, Health Technology and Psychology mention health in the undergraduate level.

The graduate is responsible for the training of specialists; of overcoming teachers, researchers and other health professionals, offering graduate courses, diploma, masters and doctorates. The institution also has the social order to generate new knowledge through research work, the results are reversed in the faculty and administration and in the field of healthcare services in our country and developing countries, where our professionals providing health services. The University has a teaching staff highly qualified and investigative assistance (more than 8000 teachers), and broad experience, both nationally and internationally.