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Pathways to learning - approaches to teaching

Pedagogy Pedagogy is about how teachers create learning opportunities. The focus is on learning and teaching is constructed, not as filling empty vessels but as creating opportunities, environments and experiences through which active learning takes place. The IPHU approach to learning

  • Start with the struggle for health
  • Teach and learn in partnership
  • Knowledge is for practice and purpose
  • New ideas must be used
  • Activism is an ethical commitment
  • Learn new ways of being (as well as new facts and theories)
  • Reflect, enquire, research
  • Nourish leadership: judgement which inspires confidence; integrity which creates trust; and the courage to take risks
  • Learn to listen; listen to learn
  • Steer our own learning
  • Grow the skills and habits of life long learning
  • Learn to teach; teach to learn
  • Build our community of activists
  • Stay with the struggle for health

Different activities for different kinds of knowledge and different skills Lecture discussions Interactive panels Reports from the field Skills-focused workshops (skills, tools, techniques) Fishbowl Talk show Moderated debate Role play Small group planning Watch this space Story line The story line which holds the IPHU short course together