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Application for: The Struggle for Health – IPHU Savar 2018 - 6-13 November 2018.

Formulaire de demande en Francais ici

"The Struggle for Health" – IPHU Savar 2018 will be held from Tuesday 6 November to Tuesday 13 November 2018, in the lead up to PHA4 - the Fourth People's Health Assembly.

More about PHA4 here.

More details about the IPHU here.

This IPHU will include two streams, one on Medicines and one on Gender, as well as several common days. See draft course plan, including the common days and the separate streams here: here. This is a notional framework. It is currently under development. Watch this space!

  • Deadline for receiving applications: 14 September 2018
  • Acceptances and travel scholarships will be announced on 25 September 2018.
  • Please go through the questions and requirements of the application form below before you start filling in the form..
  • Fields marked with * are mandatory.
Personal information
Place of origin
Place of residence
Contact information
Indicate the email address on which you wish to receive all correspondences concerning the course.
If you wish to provide more email addresses, please type one address per line.
Phone numbers
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Professional information
Please indicate which specialist stream you are applying for: Medicines or Gender.
In addition, please indicate if you are involved in People's Health Movement (PHM) in your country; and if so in what ways. If you have other involvements in health activism beyond PHM please describe. If you have activist involvements in relation to the specialist stream for which you are applying please indicate here.
Explain why you are applying for this stream as well as the course and what you hope to be able to do better afterwards?
Language skills
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Include all languages in which you have some competence and rate yourself excellent, good, fair, or poor.
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Application for scholarship assistance
PHM-IPHU is committed to reducing the financial barriers to attending IPHU. A limited number of travel scholarships will be available for qualified applicants. It is expected that they will have committed to participating in PHA4 as well as the IPHU. Priority will be given to qualified applicants from Bangladesh (as the host country) and from South Asia and South East Asia. Travel scholarships for qualified Bangladeshi participants from outside Dhaka is subjected to a fixed rate, estimated based on the average cost of travel by bus or train. In case of travel scholarships provided for qualified international participants, flight tickets will be booked by the PHM Global Secretariat upon a written confirmation by the participant on the itinerary provided. Most of flight tickets will be non-refundable; accordingly, participants will be asked to pay back the cost of their tickets if they did not show up. This policy is only to ensure that we are using our limited resources efficiently. Registration fees are mandatory for all participants. Activists’ accommodation will be reserved in shared, basic facilities. PHM-IPHU scholarships do not cover visa fees, airport tax & travel insurance (if applicable), personal living expenses, per diems, or local transportation in the home country. Applicants should seek such support from sponsors in their own countries in the first instance.


Registration, which covers all training materials, lunch and coffee breaks during the training days is mandatory.

  • USD50 (or equivalent) for low and lower middle income countries
  • USD100 (or equivalent) for upper middle and high income countries


Tuition costs are supported by the PHM for all participants. There is no charge.


Subsidized accommodation at Gonoshasthaya Kendra (basic, shared facilities including bed, breakfast and dinner) will be reserved from the evening of Monday 5 November to the morning of 19th November (after conclusion of PHA4), subject to confirmation.

I apply for scholarship to cover my travel costs
Please explain in case of selecting 'Yes'.
For applicants from outside Bangladesh
Travel information
If you apply for a scholarship to cover your travel costs, please indicate the country and city of the nearest international airport you will be departing from.
Indicate the city of the nearest international airport.
Passport information
Please complete if you need a visa and wish to receive a formal Invitation Letter in case of acceptance.International applicants need to have a valid passport for at least six months from the date of travel. Please ensure to provide the correct information.
Please indicate the City and Country.
Embassy/consulate details
In case of acceptance, a copy of the invitation letter will be sent to the embassy/consulate of Bangladesh, if needed, to issue the visa.
Most foreigners require a visa to enter Bangladesh. Passport holders from some countries are eligible for visa on arrival. See the Wikipedia page on the Bangladesh visa policy at
If yes, please provide the contacts of the visa section:
- Example: + (Country code) (City code) (Phone number) - You can add several numbers separated by commas.
- Example: + (Country code) (City code) (Phone number) - You can add several numbers separated by commas.
If no,
Please find out how the visa can be issued in your country and provide us with the details including: fax number(s), email address and phone number(s) of the visa section.

The People's Charter for Health is the founding document of the People’s Health Movement (PHM).  We ask that all applicants to the International People's Health University read the People's Charter for Health.

The Preamble from the Charter reads:

Health is a social, economic and political issue, and above all a fundamental human right.  Inequity, poverty, exploitation, violence and injustice are at the root of ill health and the deaths of poor and marginalized people.  Health for all means that powerful interests have to be challenged, that corporate-led globalization has to be opposed, and that political and economic priorities have to be drastically changed.