WHO Finance and Budget


This page provides entry to reporting and commentary on WHO Financing, Budget and Expenditure.


Financing is at the heart of the crisis that WHO is presently living through and the Reform Program being put in place to manage this crisis. 

WHO Watch has reported extensively on the funding crisis under the heading of WHO Reform.  See in particular Key themes: funding and priority setting.  

Budgeting and Planning

During the period August-October 2012 the focus of WHO in terms of budgeting and planning is on the draft 12th Global Program of Work, for 2014-2019, and the draft proposed Programme Budget for the 2014-15 biennium.  A draft version of the GPW12 and of the PB14-15 have been posted for consideration during the regional committee meetings, scheduled for August to October 2012. 

For WHO Watch summary and commentary on these two documents see: WW comment on GPW12 and WW comment on PB14-15.


Detailed analysis and comment on WHO expenditure will be posted here. 

In the meantime see WW report on Item 16 (Programme Budget and financial matters) from WHA65 (May 2012)